TIPCO says ‘Hei’ to the future

TIPCO says ‘Hei’ to the future

A new age begins. Our software has been growing continuously since the release of the first TIP version in 2001. In the meantime, we now have one of the most innovative solutions in the German-speaking market and offer everything that makes your day-to-day life in treasury easier. Everything? Not quite. Everything with the exception of payment services.

And it is exactly this which is about to change. Our merger with Nomentia, the largest payment services provider in Scandinavia, is going to make our treasury information platform TIP a fully-fledged treasury management system.

Two leading providers join forces to revolutionise the treasury market

TIPCO will in future be called Nomentia, but TIP will remain TIP. This acquisition unites two complementary product portfolios that offer corporates of all sizes a state-of-the-art treasury solution which will revolutionise the market for treasury management systems.

Particularly important to the successful progression of the first round of discussions was the similar corporate cultures and the future plans of both Fintechs. “Nomentia and TIPCO have the same vision: offering a ground-breaking, web-based treasury and cash management solution not only for, but in particular together with, our clients,” says Jukka Sallinen, CEO of Nomentia.

Jukka Sallinen | CEO Nomentia

One plus one equals three

The key players at Nomentia and TIPCO aim not only to integrate their solutions but, first and foremost, to develop them in parallel and offer a whole new level of quality in the market. With more investment and, in particular, more manpower, the new cash and treasury management system will embark on a pioneering path reflecting client requirements.

“Our clients appreciate the flexibility offered by TIP. Every project has allowed us not only to learn more but also to add new features. However, there were also moments when we had to admit that we had the right idea but not the resources we needed. The merger with Nomentia means that this innovative spirit is now backed by the necessary energy,” adds Huppold, co-founder of TIPCO, long-term innovation driver and now Vice President of Engineering at Nomentia.

Energy boost for innovations

The biggest advantage will be enjoyed by the 2,000 or so clients who can now easily expand the solutions they have already implemented. The options will of course remain modular, meaning that any clients who ‘just’ want to add risk management by adopting the prize-winning solution TIP can simply implement this web-based cloud solution ‘on top’ of their existing systems. Client-specific modifications and new features are now also conceivable that previously didn’t fit into the concept.

New clients can also look ahead to a bright future. CEO Sallinen is looking forward to tenders which the new company can now cover in full: Just like TIPCO, we had to limit ourselves to our core competences during past tenders. Now we can market ourselves as a fully-fledged treasury management system which can meet nearly all requirements. We can’t wait to enter the market with this new strategic direction.”

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